PSI-Phenomena abilities
o2Try and see for yourself whether or not you possess the psi ability of clairvoyance. Each picture designated 1 - 5 contains a holographically programmed pattern in it. Take a look at the pictures, print them out if you want to, and write to our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   if you can see what these patterns are and what their color is. Please don’t forget to mention the number of the picture, what you can see in it, and the date and time of your observation. The holographically programmed patterns will perpetually change as time passes. It is only through spiritual, energy-informational, extra-sensory, or psi sight that something can be identified in these pictures. Only an energy-informational hologram, not discernable in the print-out by sight, can be observed.
Figure 1 (the pdf format, ikona_pdf6 kB)
Figure 2 (the pdf format, ikona_pdf8 kB)
Figure 3 (the pdf format, ikona_pdf8 kB)
Figure 4 (the pdf format, ikona_pdf7 kB)
Figure 5 (the pdf format, ikona_pdf8 kB)
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Barvy informačně-energetických hmot a základních jemnohmotných těl člověka