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Healthy Way of Living - Scientific Magazine
The editorial board of the Healthy Way of Living magazine is inviting scientists, professors, assistant professors, biologists, physicians, psychologists, teachers, coaches, postgraduate scholars, students and other specialists to cooperate.
  1. Spiritual and philosophical aspects of establishing a healthy way of living.
  2. Organizational, socioeconomic aspects of establishing a healthy way of living.
  3.  Psychoeducational aspects of establishing a healthy way of living.
  4. Medical and biological aspects of establishing a healthy way of living.
  5. Physical education, sports and the healthy way of living.
  6. Difficulties of the prevention of smoking, alcoholism and drug-use.


  • Please send your material on a 3.5’’ floppy disk, CD, DVD or by e-mail before the 20th day of the month (MS Word, font size 14, line spacing 1.5) along with a backup copy on paper in less than 12 pages. If the length of the article is more than 6 pages, it may be issued in two parts.
  • Please list your bibliographic entries alphabetically at the end of the text. In the text, references to the bibliography need to be indicated by numbers in brackets; e.g.: [2,18].
  • The article is to be presented with a report at the beginning of the article, and this report must be written in Ukrainian, Russian, English and the native language of the article. The report must be less than 60 words long.
  • Please put the author’s initials in the upper right corner of each page. The title of the article should be on the next line in the middle, in capital letters. Then leave a blank line and paste the report in boldface to the next Leave a line after the report and put in key words in all requested languages, based on the previous bullet-point. Then leave one line blank and continue with the article itself. List the references at the end (as shown in the example).
  • Page margins: 3cm on the left, 1cm on the right, 2.5cm at the top and at the bottom. Each page contains 29-30 lines.
  • The illustrations and charts for the article are only published if they are of a high printing quality; their number needs to be kept to a minimum.
  • The text and supporting materials must be sent edited and proofread. The board of editors asserts the right to reject articles with significant editorial and stylistic deficiencies.
The board of editors accepts scientific articles exclusively. Each author must provide his/her personal details in short in his/her native language on a separate piece of paper: his/her last name, first name, level of education acquired, job title, job position, profession, name and company address and the mailing address. Articles received in Czech, Slovak, Polish, German and English will be printed in their original form. However, they must include a report based on the given conditions.
Issuing the magazine is financed by the money from authors contributions and sponsors gifts.
Along with the article, the author is obligated to contribute 15 EUR or an equivalent amount in CZK by means of a money order addressed to assistant professor Vasilcuk (the price covers the editing of the article plus the postage and shipping charges).
If the postage and shipping charges should rapidly increase, the information about the change in the amount that is required for an article to be published will be posted here.
The authors are exclusively responsible for the correctness of their quotations, style, their own name and other matters, etc.

Academicians, professors, associate professors, assistants, laboratory workers, postgraduates’ scholars, students and other specialists all have the same rights for publication of their scientific articles in the magazine, if they abide by the above-mentioned rules.

  • In Ukrainian - Prof. Anatolij Vasilcuk, CSc (the pdf format, ikona_pdf169 kB)
  • In Czech - Ondrej Franek, a 5th grade student of Medicine, Palacky University in Olomouc (the pdf format, ikona_pdf87 kB)
  • In English - Mgr. Vera Soukupova, a lecturer in South Czech University in České Budějovice, Faculty of Health and Social Care. (the pdf format, ikona_pdf91 kB)
The address of the editorial board for the Healthy Way of Living magazine:
Панишко Юрій Митрофанович
Вул. Личаківська 46, кв. 8
790 10 Львів
Tel.: +380 671 800 775, or +380 322 755 645 from 19:00 to 21:00.
Bank account:
Second Lviv branch
Lviv, Ukraine
Brussels, Belgium
BENEFICIARY'S BANK: ACC. 480-9589677-71
Joint Stock Company "KREDOBANK"
BENEFICIARY: Beneficiary: Acc. 2620001054182 name Panyschko Yuri
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