At the beginning of 21st century, all human beings experience their lives full of events, changes and development of their surroundings and themselves. They can use countless possibilities and opportunities which are offered by our time. This was the thing of past and the same picture will be in the future as well. Every man decides about various everyday situations leading to gaining of life experience. Besides these everyday joys and sorrows, man has also desires, dreams and plans of his own. Among these rank even effort to be healthy, to fulfil one's wishes and have opportunity to develop and assert one's own capabilities.
Modern methods of pedagogy, psychology, sociology and medicine are not always able to help man develop his personality adequately, help with diseases of physical body, traumas and with psychic or mental illnesses especially. Contemporary enioanatomy and eniopsychology offer methods of personality development to man. During their application, man develops and asserts his own capabilities and skills at maximum with minimum waste of time and without any negative impact on his health.
A large group of people intuitively sense what eniology, enioanatomy and eniopsychology are, and of what importance they are to the man. According to the definition generally accepted nowadays, the can be described as interdisciplinary disciplines dealing with constitution, structure, topography, function and meaning of thin-material bodies of people, their psychic activity on the basis of informational and energetical cause-and-effect conditionality of informational and energetical mutual exchange with informational and energetical fields of individual people, of society, nature, animals, the Earth, noosphere, Space, spiritual existence and any other objects from outer environment. Eniology, enianatomy and eniopsychology pay special attention to the psychic displays, PSI-phenomenal, extra-sensory and spiritual possibilities of man that modern science is not able to explain. These subjects deal with eniopsychological processes, i.e. processes going beyond the commonly accepted normal limits, based on physically inexplicable events (e.g. telepathy, radiosthezy, psychometry, telemetry, regression, clairvoyance, telekinesis, levitation, extra-somatic projection, materialization, teleportation and others). The most significant for the man are education, teaching, development and healing art of eniopsychology methods by means of thin-material bodies.
Eniopsychology itself is a branch of psychology dealing with eniopsychologic phenomena and experimental research thereof. Eniopsychology can be characterized as a professional research monitoring the informational and energetical properties as well as distance interactions, i.e. mutual distance informational functioning and communication between thin-material bodies of living organisms and their external informational and energetical environment.
In the introduction, effort to be healthy, opportunity to develop and assert one's own capabilities and fulfilment of one's wishes are mentioned. These aims can be achieved with use of mutually complementing conventional and non-traditional methods without any risk of negative impact upon man's health. Is the achievement of the above mentioned aims possible in such way and are these not only empty words and illusions? The answer is very simple. It is a reality which can be achieved by using eniopychology methods directed not only at man's thin-bodies development but also at his education, teaching, regeneration, rehabilitation, reconditioning, healing, personality development, harmonization, improvement of characteristics, specialities, capabilities, spirituality, psyche, functional possibilities, social and biological, economic, social assertion and other things.
It is possible to follow the simple logical thought. First, one generally acceptable and indisputable contention: everything is moving, developing, changing and striving for a universal aim. At this moment, it is not necessary to be concerned with who or what is striving for which aim. It can only be stated that motion, as a general quantity, can be recorded by change of state or position in a certain period of time. Motion and development show themselves both with tangible forms of material (drive of car, fall of stone, running water) and not that well tangible informational and energetical events such as higher psychic activity, man's intellect, memory, emotions, spirituality, personality development, moral level of society, informational and energetical mutual influence among man, nature, society, Space and spiritual existence, the unity and basis of which is the informational and energetical field and, with living creatures, thin-material bodies.
Let us ask the following question: "Has the current level of knowledge of man, resp. mankind, reached its top?" Every human being will answer this question in a different way and he or she is right. This individual truth is determined by informational contents of thin-material bodies of man, by level of his or her perception, phylogenetic and ontogenetic development, by the ability to open oneself, to accept and sort information coming to him or her in the broadest sense of word. And in particular human being that is able and willing to perceive the surroundings benefits from everything being offered today by available scientific knowledge and especially enioanatomy and eniopsychology. When going back to the question of achieved level of knowledge of mankind, it may be clearly stated that the knowledge has not reached its highest level so far. The rising and developing level of knowledge can be evidenced by comparing e.g. the knowledge from e.g. Middle Ages and the present. It is possible to compare branches "clearly visible and tangible" - biology, medicine, aviation, cybernetics, architecture, machinery, physics, etc., as well as to trace back the development in more abstract branches such as eniology, enioanatomy, eniopsychology, sociology, philosophy, eniomedicine, theology and others.
Eniopsychology and at least admitting the existence of God, Destiny, Absolute reason, informational field, Vis Major, Providence, etc. are closely interconnected. How? Let us list some synonyms: information, microparticles, antimicroparticles, informational and energetical substance, bioplasma, the finest all-penetrating substance. The meaning of word substance is the following: informational and energetical mass, material, basis, essence - these are words which though general are easy to imagine and which clarify the area of well-known and definable terms from physics.
Besides many other fields it is the physics that significantly participates in development of knowledge of man and it is the physics that proved the existence of the mentioned finest all-penetrating substance in the 1990s. There are also other proved facts relating to enioanatomy and eniopsychology, e.g. the existence of thin-material bodies, soul (its weight is 2,5 - 12 g), photographs of man's aura and other living and non-living forms of material, the existence of thought forms, man's energetical phantoma, soliton (the kind of memory typical of so called nonlinear systems), the existence of torsional fields where the speed of radiation coming out of them is billion times higher than the speed of light. There are many more pieces of knowledge and proofs. Brief list of some of the knowledge originating in distant past, antiquity and middle ages and a list of scientifically proven facts of modern times are available under the link "historical roots of enioanatomy". These proofs were performed by scientists and scientific methods and therefore they are repeatable anytime and by anyone.
Many fields of study, especially physics of elementary particles, eniology, enioanatomy, eniopsychology, eniomedicine and others, deal with the mentioned phenomena and with processes based on them. Nowadays, some of these fields of study experience a great growth and open a view of horizons to the mankind that hardly anyone has anticipated so far. The new word eniology is somehow inaccurate because these informational and energetical horizons are intuitively considered by many people who perceive God in any form. This leads us to the conclusion that so called things between heaven and earth are not only an illusion created in the man's mind but they are an objective reality that is revealed and investigated by modern science and investigated and used by quantum physics, eniology, enioanatomy, eniopsychology and others.
Thus, it is evident that human knowledge heads to a particular point or, better and exactly said, to an absolute endlessly multidimensional state of knowledge that enables the man maximally achievable development of his physical body, all thin-material bodies, intellectually-mental, psycho-emotional, eniopsychological, spiritual, professional, socially-biological and other features on all levels of being, which enables him to penetrate all levels of consciousness, to reach harmony, poise of the material and the spiritual, the unity of earthly, cosmic, past, present and future of his personality.
The people with eniopsychological and spiritual abilities can use, in favour of a man, the pieces of knowledge that at present are not yet in general consciousness or the man does not fully realize their real existence and possibilities of use. People blessed with extraordinary abilities can "see" behind the present horizons of knowledge and, therefore, they can offer new "caught" pieces of knowledge to their surroundings, including the possibilities of their practical use for the man, society and nature.
One specification, resp. classification is of a great importance. Looking generally at all individuals offering their eniopsychological and psychotronic abilities it is possible to divide these people into three basic groups.
In the first group there are those who unfortunately think that they dispose of these abilities, however, they have a very little of these or they do not have any. If they have any, then they cannot use them correctly and their influence does not have a desirable effect. Therefore, it is necessary to give these people a possibility and time so that their abilities can develop sufficiently and not to condemn them for charlatanism.
The second group is represented by people who are gifted with these abilities and who can use them in favour of a man, society and nature. They perform most of the activities on the basis of an intuition, extra-sensory perception, practical experience and the like, however, they do not have sufficient education in the field of eniology, enioanatomy, eniopsychology, eniomedicine and do not have the thin-material bodies developed adequately for the particularity of the given activity.
Into the third group we can include eniopsychologists, psychotronics and healers who pursue their mission on a professional level, including detailed theoretical studies, preparation and knowledge in the field of anatomy, morphology, physiology, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, medicine with eniological base etc. These people give a special attention to the functional anatomy of the man's thin-material bodies. The knowledge and abilities of practical use of these fields enable their integration and thus also understanding of the essence of eniopsychology and its use in favour of a man, society and nature. These people, besides other things, study at schools/universities and attend courses that deal with various fields of enioanatomy, eniopsychology, parapsychology and psychotronics and they educate themselves spiritually. At the same time they carry out a theoretical research connected to practise and this helps to develop their integral consciousness, i.e. perception of the past, the present and the future, the earthly and the cosmic, the material and the spiritual as a part of reality and unity by informational and energetical fields. Therefore, they can offer a man the most qualified services. The pieces of knowledge they gain can be made available to all who are interested and who intend to use them in favour of a man.
It is possible to ask: „Does the man endowed with extraordinary eniopsychological abilities which he has been developing for his entire life have the right to ask for money for performing the activities based on his very abilities?" The question is intentionally formed on such general level so that it is obvious that also the sportsmen, artists, scientists and many other people of many different professions are gifted with extraordinary abilities, i.e. talent. The answer to the question formed in this way and under these relations is obvious. It is necessary to look more closely at some relations connected with profession, or let us say better and more precisely, with eniopsychologist's role. Eniopsychologist has not only the right to, but is also committed to use his/her knowledge solely in favour of man, resp. mankind. In case he/she uses these against the man, he/she will lose them very quickly. Thus anybody who does not intend to misuse such service against another person can take advantage of eniopsychologist's abilities. In order to become a renowned eniopsychologist, one must continue one's education systematically and work to develop one's own abilities. He/she should devote maximum time and energy to this.
After this brief summary on some aspects of enioanatomy and eniopsychology and on the incorporation thereof into objective reality, the man can be one step closer to understand the meaning and benefits of their practical use.
Eniopsychological effect as such and programmes based on it are harmless for human body and the man never gets addicted to them.
All activities performed comply with valid Acts of the Czech Republic.
When reading these lines, a lot of questions must have arisen to you. For those of you who are interested in the topics mentioned, want to learn more about different relations and facts from the area of enioanatomy and eniopsychology, and are interested in experiencing the eniopsychologist's effect, a series of lectures is ready for you and you are cordially invited.
Wishing a lot of health and success in life as well as at work to every reader.
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