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Enioanatomy is a branch studying the composition, forms, structures, and mutual relationships of human subtle bodies as a concentrated information-energetic manifestation of the objective universal reality at a constant information-energetic mutual exchange of bodies within the Universe and all Universal objects. Enioanatomy also describes not only the basic structure information-energetic substances, individual-universal and specific life information-energetic bioplasms of subtle bodies, but also their location, topography, shapes, structures, holographic integrations, functions, and the significance of subtle bodies to the education, teaching, healing, regeneration, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of Man. It facilitates the classification of subtle bodies, their structures, functions, and significance into a precise and unequivocal terminology according to the objective characteristics of individual units and parts.
The Objects of Enioanatomy
The objects of enioanatomy are the 15 primary basic subtle bodies, 61 secondary component, and 105 secondary identical subtle bodies, that is, the total of the so-far-recognized 181 subtle bodies.
The education and research are subject to the composition, location, topography, structure, mutual relationships, functions, physical and morphologic characteristics of every subtle body, their information-energetic substance and the significance of subtle bodies in all spheres of human life.

The Objectives of Enioanatomy
  1. Understanding the enioanatomy of human subtle bodies, the significance of subtle bodies to human biological and information-energetic life, education, learning, improvement, and the manifestation of characteristics, peculiarities, abilities, and functional possibilities within the process of biology-social activities.
  2. Becoming aware of the significance of subtle bodies to the phylogenetic,
    ontogenetic, and evolutionary development of Man.
  3. The contribution of enioanatomy to the pedagogy, psychology, biology, medicine, sociology, philosophy, theology, and other fields associated with the education, learning, and development of Man.
  4. Explaining the fact that subtle bodies are the material information carriers of the phylogenetic development of Man; being able to gather, protect, and create information; having a phylogenetic memory and being the information-energetic foundation of Man, his eternal information-energetic life form, his essence and that which makes life possible for the biological form within earthly conditions.
  5. Recognizing the unity of the material and spiritual, human, earthly, cosmic and godly-spiritual, past, present, and future manifested in Man. Man represents the information unit of the past, present, as well as future human being.
  6. Explaining why human life is eternal and in what form life manifests both on Earth and in the Universe.
  7. Understanding human origin.
Method of Research within Enioanatomy
The basic methods of research of enioanatomy are:
  • biolocation,
  • mental-graphic biolocation,
  • clairvoyant vision,
  • out-of-body vision,
  • visualization,
  • a priory knowledge,
  • electro-photo-computer methods utilizing the Kirlian effect,
  • psychometry,
  • telemetry,
  • virtual holographic modelling, etc.
The Use for Enioanatomy
Enioanatomy is an inter-disciplinary branch. It forms the foundation of the enio-cytology, enio-physiology, enio-psychology, enio-pedagogy, enio-medicine, and other branches dealing with Man. The knowledge of enioanatomy can help to develop the spiritual, PSI-phenomenal, and godly qualities in Man. It substantially enriches the knowledge about Man, about proper methods of education, development, learning, healing, regeneration, rehabilitation, and reconditioning. Thanks to enioanatomy, all branches dealing with Man can view the Man's essence in a new light, it enables Man to recognize himself and the world on a subtle information-energetic level which is otherwise unavailable to his sense organs.
The Significance of Enioanatomy
The knowledge of the anatomy of subtle bodies presents each human being with an
  • to discover an individual path towards spiritual knowledge, development, and manifestation within the social-biological life
  • to create an information-energetic foundation of the subtle bodies' development
  • to redirect and change the information-energetic character of the subtle bodies' content
  • to implement versatile, harmonious, and balanced functions of all bodies
  • to create the proper information-energetic conditions for the manifestation of the characteristics of humanity, nature, Earth, Universe, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Creator within one's own subtle bodies
  • to precisely mentally imagine and visualize subtle bodies, physical body, biologic tissues, matter, biologic and information-energetic structure-functional units (cell organs, cells, tissue, systems, chakras, Sushumna, Merudanda, Ida, Pingala, star channels, meridians, meridian (acupressure) points, kundaliny shakti, multicoloured light, energy, bioplasms, etc.) on macro-, micro-, and subultrastructural levels
  • to attain a good state of health, recovering from the majority of serious and chronic long-standing diseases
  • to slow down the aging process, prolonging earthly life
  • to attain harmony and spiritual and god self-realization
  • to expand one's consciousness, attaining to an integral state of awareness and integral thinking
  • to prevent the mutation and negative information-energetic changes in ones own individuality, identity, homeostasis, immunity, and any bio pathogenic information-energetic changes
  • to correct personal development at any stage of development and improvement
  • to adjust the methodologies, technologies, methods, and means of the diagnostics, relaxation, concentration, visualization, mental imagination, mediation, regeneration, rehabilitation, reconditioning, healing, etc.
  • to improve one's own PSI-phenomenal abilities
  • to expand the aspects of the occupational and professional use of PSI-phenomenal abilities
  • to correct personal methods of using PSI-phenomenal abilities, avoiding mistakes and their unpromising development
  • to gain control over the manifestation of PSI-phenomenal abilities
  • to avoid anti-spiritual and anti-godly development
  • to alter the character and information-energetic content of negative cause-effect (karmic) rules of personal development
  • to minimize the manifestation of negative cause-effect programmes of personal development and life
  • to redirect one's social-biological abilities in order to be able to maximally utilize them within one's earthly lifetime, etc.
The knowledge of the anatomy of subtle bodies facilitates the utilization of eniology, enio-psychology, psychotronics, spiritual, information-energetic and bio-energetic therapies within the fields of medicine, pedagogy, sociology, sports, theology, and an array of other disciplines associated with education, learning, therapy, rehabilitation, regeneration, reconditioning of Man, etc.
The Development of Subtle Bodies and What it Implies
The development of human subtle bodies - the universal technology of:
  • integrating the education, learning, development, improvement, manifestation, treatment, regeneration, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of Man
  • universal and harmonious information-energetic, physical, psychological, intellectual, mental, emotional, moral, aesthetic, spiritual, and godly development of Man
  • harmonizing the personality, social and interpersonal relationships
  • integrally developing PSI-phenomenal abilities
  • preparing highly qualified and elite spiritual teachers and healers
  • maximally implementing the human potential within professional activities - in science, medicine, culture, art, politics, diplomacy, sport, business, healing, and any other sphere of human activities
  • preventing and healing serious cardiovascular, oncology, auto-immune, infectious, psychological, vertebrogenic, and other diseases
  • strengthening the immunity, organism vitality, information-energetic identity and individuality of Man
  • maintaining a functionally adequate variable stability of the information-energetic homeostasis
  • accomplishing an adequate functioning of all subtle bodies, corresponding to the information-energetic mutual exchanges with all information-energetic fields of the Universe, balancing the material and spiritual, human, earthly, cosmic and spiritual, past, present, and future
  • acquiring an information-energetic purity of all subtle bodies
  • not allowing any social and life crisis, problems, and failures to occur
  • a life free of disease
  • prolonging healthy earthly life
  • intensive development of the information-energetic form of human life within earthly conditions, etc.
The development of human subtle bodies significantly enriches the life's journey of any human being.
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